Hydrotherapy Pool

Spa at Portaria offers the biggest hydrotonic pool in Pelion. Here our guest will find 6 different areas with water jets where they can relax and unwind. 

Temperature of hydrotonic pool is 26c – 28c and jacuzzi 32c – 34c. Maximum number  for hydrotherapy session 45min is 8 persons.

For hydrotherapy session (only adults) is upon appointment and for services within hydrotherapy session charges apply. Please contact the SPA reception for more information.




Thermal Rooms

The original Norwegian hot room is Sauna, generating dry heat with temperatures between 80-90C. Intense sweating provides natural detoxification and relieves muscle pain.

Especially effective for weight loss but, is no recommended for people.

The traditional Oriental steam room, with its benefits of “wet heat”, generated by temperatures ranging between 40-45C.

Moisturizes, relaxes and stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system of the body.

Τhe use of Thermal Room is private upon availability and charges apply.

Therapy Rooms

The SPA at PORTARIA also offers to guests the choice of facial, body and massage treatments.

Designed with complete relaxation in mind our treatment rooms and one couples suite allow guests to relax and rejuvenate in complete privacy. Treatments are tailored to your personal needs, ensuring an experience of the highest quality.

€ 10,00 | 45min
The water jet systems are situated in the main hydrotonic pool, completed by simple exercises, making your body more supple and toned. Offers ultimate relaxation and decreases fluid retention.

€ 10,00 | 30min
The traditional Oriental steam room, with its benefits of “wet heat”, generated by temperatures ranging between 40-45C. Moistrurizes, relaxes and stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system of the body

The original Norwegian hot room is Sauna, generating dry heat with temperatures between 80-90C. Intense sweating provides natural detoxification and relieves muscle pain. 

SOLARIUΜ 10min € 8 | 15min € 10 | 20min € 15

Entrance for non residents of hotel is 25,00 €.



RELAXING MASSAGE WITH ESSENTIAL OILS 25min | 45 € ή 50min | 65 €
Treatment which brings maximum relaxation, optimised by the calming effects of essentials oils.

ΜΑΗΑΝΑ MASSAGE by Thalgo 30min | 55 €
Hydrating body massage therapy that relaxes the body and soul. Mahana massage oil is potent, slow and rhythmic. It acts on muscles deep down with lomi-lomi Smoothing movements and warm pouches on each area (rubbing, sweeping and lapping movements).

INDIAN STOPOVER MASSAGE by Thalgo 30min | 55 €
Unique Ayurvedic massage with energising balm to release tension and yogi movements.



INDOCEANE 80min | 95 €
A luxurious therapy inspired by the Orient philosophy, including an aromatic peel of essential oils, Ayurvedic massage with energising balm to release tension, completed with a silk body wrap, leaving the body replenished and revitalised.

POLYNESIA 80min | 95 €
Experience Polynesia, the exotic sensorial spa ritual, inspired by four of the most beautiful islands hidden in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. This luxurious treatment begins with the Exotic Island Body Scrub, a gentle vanilla-scented body scrub blended with pure white sand from Bora Bora, sea salt, coconut shell and algo-monoi for a thorough exfoliation of the entire body to leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. The Mahana Massage incorporates a rhythmic Lomi-Lomi massage and warm sand pouches to loosen muscles and nourish the skin. Finally, Polynesian Sacred Oil from Raïatea, the sacred island, is swept over the skin, its subtle golden pearls leaving a sunkissed glow and a delicate scent of flowers and monoi.



An enhanced treatment for absolute hydration, using active ingredients from the ocean, rich in minerals and trace elements. Contains hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration to the deepest layers of the skin. Your skin will be smoother than ever.

This personalized, Thalgo signature facial ritual, begins with a relaxing welcome massage, after which the skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated. A serum packed with active marine ingredients is applied with Thalgo’s Heart of the Ocean massage, recreating the rhythmic motions of the sea to relax the facial muscles and relieve tension from the arms, shoulders and neck. This is followed by a specific skin mask to correct any skin concerns.

This ultra-relaxing treatment combined with the Eye Massage Mask reduces puffiness and dark circles, gently smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. The eye contour area is instantly rejuvenated.

SILICIUM 75min | 75 €
A spectacular therapy with specific active ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and silicon (silicium), selected to improve firmness, filling and smoothing of wrinkles. A single application is sufficient to see your skin refreshed and bright, and facial contours more toned.

Reveal your skin’s beauty and radiance in just 25 minutes! The facial begins with a relaxing welcome massage, cleanse and exfoliation, after which the Ultra Radiance Mask is applied. An energising digitopressure massage helps the smoothing and radiance-boosting active ingredients absorb into the skin. The application of Absolute Radiance Concentrate to the face and neck awakens the skin and the treatment is finished with a skin-type appropriate cream, leaving the complexion fresh and glowing.


Check-in Procedure:

Guests are advised to arrive 15 minutes before their treatment is due to start.
Any delays will result in reduced treatment times to avoid disruption to other guests.
If you wish to enjoy our Spa facilities (Indoor pool with hydro-jet, Sauna, Steam bath), we recommend you arrive at least one hour before your treatment. Please bring your swimwear if you intend to use the Spa facilities.

We provide private key lockers, Spa wardrobe (bathrobe and slippers) and amenities.
For hygiene reasons you are requested not to use the pool following Spa treatments because of the residue left in the water from essential oils used.


•    Children under the age of 18 years are not allowed in the SPA-HEALTH CLUB.
•    Pregnancy Women are not allowed to use any facilities  at  Spa.
•    In consideration of other guests, please turn off your cellular phones or pagers
        During your Spa visit.
•    Smoking in the Spa area is strictly prohibited. Alcohol consumption is not allowed
        And is not Recommended before undergoing Spa treatments.

Personal belongings:

We recommend you do not wear jewellery during your Spa visit. The PORTARIA HOTEL & SPA cannot accept responsibility for any loss of valuables left in the Spa at Portaria and can not be held liable for any such loss


We encourage guests to schedule their appointments two to five days in advance, to ensure a preferred treatment or therapist is available.
All reservations must be secured by credit card and a valid telephone number.
To book your appointments, please call  Spa  at  Portaria  reception at +30 24280 90000 or 164  if you are hotel  guest.
Treatments are available for both hotel and local guests.


Please respect the Spa at PORTARIA  scheduling by being prompt for appointments.
If you wish to re-schedule or cancel your appointments please contact the  Spa reception  24 hours in advance otherwise we will regrettably have to charge your treatments

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