Clean Monday in Portaria

We celebrate the arrival of spring!

In the warm and welcoming environment of the Portaria Hotel.


Clean Monday excursion to Portaria

Accommodation from 2 nights or more in the room type of your choice including:

Clean Monday Special Buffet

Traditional Lunch Buffet especially for Clean Monday from 13.30 till 15.30 (extra cost)

Τα πακέτα θα είναι διαθέσιμα για περιορισμένο αριθμό δωματίων και συγκεκριμένες ημερομηνίες!

Travel to Portaria, one of the most famous destinations in Greece!

Ο νομός Μαγνησίας συνδυάζει κάτι το μοναδικό:Πλατάνια, βουνό, ρυάκια, φύση και μέσα σε 20 λεπτά θάλασσα, ψαράκι και τσίπουρο.


  • It is one of the most popular villages of Pelion, as it is only twenty minutes from Volos, enjoy the atmosphere of the Pelion village and the unique view of the city of Volos.

  • It is also very close to Makrinitsa and the Pelion Ski Centre.

  • On the main street of Portaria, you will find fresh traditional products.

  • Stroll through its picturesque streets, enjoy your coffee in the cafes with incredible views, see its squares, stone fountains, churches and monuments.

  • Melina Mercouri Square, which is the central square of the village and Adamenas Square, from where the path to the Manas Spring with its century-old plane trees starts.


  • One of the most picturesque villages in all of Greece. “The balcony of Pelion” has a unique view, picturesque cobbled streets, the large square with plane trees and the view of the Pagasitic Gulf! Visit the church of John the Baptist, the marble fountain with the four bronze lion heads and the “Immortal Water”,

  • See the Museum of Folk Art and History of Pelion and of course many traditional cafes, shops offering local products. In the traditional cafes of Makrinitsa, try traditional village pies.

  • Before the entrance to the village, where cars are not allowed, there is a small beautiful waterfall.


  • In eastern Pelion – about an hour’s drive from Portaria. The two largest and most famous villages of eastern Pelion are Zagora and Tsagarada. The famous apples of Zagora are the most popular local product.

  • Take a walk around the village, see churches and mansions. Visit the Library of Zagora, a unique library, as it hosts more than 20,000 titles and over 1,000 antiquarian books. It is located next to the church and the central square of Agios Georgios.

  • Discover in Zagora is the school where King Feraios attended for a few years and is located 300 meters downhill from the village.

Path of the Centaurs

  • Walk the path of the Centaurs, a path along the stream of the “Mana” spring. An easy route for hiking. All of nature before your eyes. In autumn the colors of nature are spectacular

Chania (Ski Centre)

  • A few kilometers above Portaria, you will find the ski resort of Pelion Chania and the settlement of Chania.


  • A small village with an equally beautiful square. Its large square has the basilica of Agios Dimitrios, the 500-year-old plane tree and the marble fountain with lion heads, built in 1894 with two Doric columns.

Saint Lawrence

  • The village of Lavrentis Diannellos and Lavrentis Machairitsas. Picturesque cobbled streets, large square with plane trees, magnificent view.

Apple trees

  • Milies, one hour from Portaria. It is one of the most picturesque villages, the starting point of the “Moutzouris”, the small train that reaches through a beautiful route to Ano Lechonia.

  • The railway station in Milies is particularly picturesque, in a wonderful natural landscape


  • Traditional architecture & fountains with Pelion water, churches and a central square.


  • On the Zagora side is the well-known Tsagarada – the distance is an hour.

  • What to see: the central square of Agia Paraskevi where the famous Tsagarada plane tree, one of the oldest trees in Greece and perhaps in Europe, dominates. Its age is 1000 years. See the stone bridge at the beginning of the village and from there the gorge of Mylopotamos begins. It is the oldest and most famous bridge of Pelion.

For families with children:

-Fairgrounds are definitely available in Portaria, Zagora, Milies.Children will enjoy playing in the central squares of the villages, where you can feel relatively safe when playing because they are fenced.

-If you have older children, then look for farms with organic products and animals, as well as activities with horses (horseback riding, horseback riding, etc.). In Milies, Agios Lavrentios and Portaria, there are such activities!

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